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Cirque Athletics® is perfect for everybody!

This is Cirque Athletics

CIRQUE ATHLETICS® is an all-new functional training system
inspired by circus acrobats for all levels of fitness enthusiasts.

The perfect fusion of circus-based training, interval and mind-body wellness exercises made fun, challenging and effective.

Whether you want to work out on your own, train with a professional or take part in our group classes, Cirque Athletics® can help transform yourself in all areas of your fitness, health and wellness.


step right up to
the new challenge!

Cirque Athletics® is a fun, low impact and high energy workout perfect for all fitness levels. A full-body workout that incorporates multi-planar bodyweight exercises and acro-movements to keep you feeling worked but in balance and refreshed ready for the next session.

Energising movement
with a hint of Circus!

Unlike conventional weight-based training, Cirque Athletics® substitutes gym equipment with cutting edge body-weight movements that improve your mobility, agility and boost your strength in ways you never imagined. You’ll sweat and energise your body while improving your performance and staying motivated to keep going and strive for more.


Unleash your inner cirque athlete!

Ever wonder how circus performers train and stay fit, strong and lean? With Cirque Athletics® you’ll learn how to train like a professional, take your fitness to the next level and transform your body in just a few weeks. Because it is 100% inspired by real circus-based training and designed by some of the best world-class acrobats for all fitness lovers. - Be a cirque athlete without running away with the circus!


Stop counting the reps. Feel the beat. Cirque Athletics® combines bodyweight, cardio and muscle conditioning training moves synced to music to match every single move. Every stretch, every push, acro-move is driven by the beat, helping you stay focused so that you can make it to the last rep.

In each class, you'll burn calories while toning all your muscle groups. The original Cirque Athletics® class is a demanding 45min-long session that works your entire body. It’s as challenging and rewarding as going to the gym but you don’t need equipment or a lot of space. You can exercise at home, in the park, or anywhere you travel.

Build +

Burn +

Gain +

- Time
+ Results



12:00 pm
Cirque Athletics® Handstand Essentials
Varsity Lakes, Gold Coast
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