Cirque Athletics®is Perfect for Everybody and Every body. Each Workout is Designed to Bring People Together and Break a Sweat


CIRQUE ATHLETICS® Workouts combine moderate-intensity bodyweight moves perfectly choreographed to help you break a sweat and get strong. Our selection of easy-to-follow workouts that substitute conventional weight training with cutting edge body-weight movements that improve your mobility and boost your strength in ways you never imagined. Select from our variety of beginner to advance level programs and get ready to cirque it out. You'll learn and practice every exercise in seconds- guaranteed!


  • Learn the Tricks of The Trade
  • Get Strong, Fit & Agile Like Never Before.
  • Cirque Your Way. Anytime, Anywhere!
  • Easy-to-Follow Workouts & Skill Guides
  • Inspired By Real Circus Performers
  • Start When you Want. Finish When you Want.
  • Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Levels.
  • Many FREE Workouts!


We love what we do and it shows. Our Master Trainers are professional Circus athletes who have dedicated their lives to physical training and performance and are specialists in many areas including Hand Balance, Aerial Acrobatics and Gymnastics.

Bray Buenrostro
Founder & Creator
Lauren Skopal
Co-founder & Master Trainer
Kate Nelson
Cirque Athletics® Trainer
Kam Mckinnon
Cirque Athletics® Trainer
Stephen Williams
Cirque Athletics® Trainer
Zion & Poppy
Cirque Athletics® Trainers
Shannon Vitalli
Cirque Athletics® Trainer
Elena Khaw
Cirque Athletics® Trainer