Our Mission.- to Connect Cirque Athletes And Fitness Lovers Around The World.

What Do We Do?

CIRQUE ATHLETICS® Workouts combine moderate-intensity bodyweight moves perfectly choreographed to help you break a sweat and get strong.
We bring it all together to create life-changing fitness shaped by movement and circus-based training.

Our selection of easy-to-follow workouts that substitute conventional weight training with cutting edge body-weight movements that improve your mobility and boost your strength in ways you never imagined. Select from our variety of beginner to advance level programs and get ready to cirque it out!

You'll learn and practice every exercise in seconds- guaranteed!

Our team of world-class athletes and fitness professionals is here to inspire you to reach your fitness goals and make it easy for you to fall in love with exercise.


  • All Trainers Are 100% Real Circus Performers
  • All Trainers Are Qualified Fitness Instructors
  • Every Trainer is Heavily involved in Fitnesss & Performing
  • Every Trainer has international experience
  • Our Team is Made up of Passionate Athletes (Gymnasts, Acrobats & Circus Graduates)
  • We live and Breathe Circus

Meet The Cirque Athletics® Team

We love what we do and it shows. It is our goal to pass our health and fitness excitement on to our trainers and members

Bray Buenrostro
Founder & Creator
Lauren Skopal
Co-founder & Master Trainer
Kate Nelson
Cirque Athletics® Trainer
Kam Mckinnon
Cirque Athletics® Trainer
Stephen Williams
Cirque Athletics® Trainer
Zion & Poppy
Cirque Athletics® Trainers
Shannon Vitalli
Cirque Athletics® Trainer
Elena Khaw
Cirque Athletics® Trainer