Our Mission.- to Connect Cirque Athletes And Fitness Lovers Around The World.

What Do We Do?

We bring it all together to create life-changing fitness shaped by movement and circus-based training. We offer a selection of easy-to-follow workouts that substitute conventional weight training with cutting edge body-weight movements.

Our team of world-class athletes and fitness professionals make it easy for you to fall in love with exercise by creating easy-to-follow workouts led by movement with a twist of circus.


  • All Trainers Are 100% Real Circus Performers
  • All Trainers Are Qualified Fitness Instructors
  • Every Trainer is Heavily involved in Fitnesss & Performing
  • Every Trainer has international experience
  • Our Team is Made up of Passionate Athletes (Gymnasts, Acrobats & Circus Graduates)
  • We live and Breathe Circus

Meet The Cirque Athletics® Team

We love what we do and it shows. It is our goal to pass our health and fitness excitement on to our trainers and members

Bray Buenrostro
Founder & Creator
Lauren Skopal
Co-founder & Master Trainer
Kate Nelson
Cirque Athletics® Trainer
Kam Mckinnon
Cirque Athletics® Trainer
Stephen Williams
Cirque Athletics® Trainer
Shannon Vitalli
Cirque Athletics® Trainer
Elena Khaw
Cirque Athletics® Trainer
Zion & Poppy